Something to Bark About: PetWellClinic Experiencing Incredible Growth

An emerging pet-wellness franchise is quickly taking the nation by storm, as PetWellClinic – a veterinary clinic providing walk-in pet care – will soon bring its comprehensive, convenient and affordable service offerings to dogs and cats in the New York City, New Hampshire, Colorado and Washington, D.C. areas.

PetWellClinic, headquartered in Knoxville and with five open clinics already in that area, is a one-of-a-kind veterinary clinic that provides walk-in preventative care and treatment of minor issues and ailments. Its business model is truly unique to the pet-care and veterinary space, and as a result, it's creating surging interest among franchise prospects from all over the United States.

"What we are doing with PetWellClinic is making pet care accessible and affordable," said Dr. Sam Meisler, founder and CEO. "We want to be known as the family practitioner for pets: a convenient, one-stop-shop for basically anything your pets might need throughout their lifetime. A walk-in, pet-care option like this is completely new to the franchise space, and we are seeing incredible interest from candidates everywhere who want to be a part of our brand."

"Given the industry we operate in and the unique systems we have in place, we really do have something special here that more and more entrepreneurs want to be a part of."

Recently, PetWellClinic announced an area-development agreement for Washington, D.C., which will bring 25 clinics to that designated market area (DMA).

Under the ownership of franchisees Dave Ballow and Liz Overmann, experienced entrepreneurs and multi-unit Orangetheory franchisees, PetWellClinic will soon carve out a sizeable footprint in D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia thanks to this deal. 

Additionally, PetWellClinic has finalized two more area-development agreements in major markets – one that will bring six clinics to New York City, and another that will result in 12 clinics in the Colorado DMA. The franchise also just accepted a deal for three future units in New Hampshire.

"In our position, we get an opportunity to evaluate many concepts, but Dr. Meisler and his team at PetWellClinic caught our attention immediately," said Ballow, a franchise developer with a keen eye for sound investment opportunities. "PetWellClinic is redefining how consumers experience medical care for their pets and have been doing so for over 10 years."

As Ballow mentioned, PetWellClinic may be new to the franchise realm, but Dr. Meisler and his team have spent the last decade building this business into the uber-successful one it is today.

One aspect fueling such success is PetWellClinic's proprietary veterinary software, which Dr. Meisler himself designed and implemented. This unique, cloud-based software program makes life much easier on owners and veterinarians, handling areas like client registration and making all records reportable and viewable from anywhere.

Another way in which PetWellClinic is making lives easier on veterinarians is a reimagined work environment – one that breaks the mold of the typical, overworked cycle for vets.

As a veterinarian himself, Dr. Meisler has ensured from day one a healthy work-life balance among PetWellClinic's workforce. Shifts are limited to eight hours a day, vets start at 11 AM, workloads are structured so vets only have to focus on key areas and they never deal with complex, high-risk surgeries.

The result is a workplace environment unlike many veterinary clinics and hospitals out there.

"With pet ownership on the rise, more and more people need a convenient and affordable option to take their dogs and cats for preventive care and minor-ailment services," said Dr. Meisler. "We are in a great position to serve today and tomorrow's generation of pet owners, and the opportunities for franchisee prospects are endless. We can't wait to begin helping more pets across the country with likeminded entrepreneurs."

PetWellClinic is a walk-in veterinary clinic, providing excellent preventative, wellness, and sick care for dogs and cats on an on-demand basis. There is no need for an appointment because PetWellClinic's technology, design, and operational systems provide customers with a modern-day experience in an antiquated industry.

PetWellClinic recently began franchising after the success of its company-owned operations in Knoxville, Tennessee, and already has 80 units in development since August of 2020.

For more information on PetWellClinic franchise opportunities, please visit or contact Joe Sexton at [email protected].

PetWellClinic has partnered with Oakscale, to lead franchise development efforts for the brand. For more information on Oakscale, please visit

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An emerging pet-wellness franchise is quickly taking the nation by storm, as PetWellClinic – a veterinary clinic providing walk-in pet care – will soon bring its comprehensive, convenient and affordable service offerings to dogs and cats in the Ne...

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