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Jomsom Staffing Services

$150,000 Capital Required

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Quality Staffing Solutions; Superior Business Model.

Jomsom Staffing Services has helped multiple corporations and organizations access the talent they need… not next quarter but right away. The employment crisis is real. This is an opportunity that solves an urgent need for companies struggling to fill positions of any kind. From executive recruitment to administrative postions to hourly workers, Jomsom Staffing Services can do it all.

Jomsom founders see the need for high quality staffing services. In a world where businesses of all types are stretched to provide goods and services due to a overwhelming shortage of quality employees, Jomsom fills the void. Building on our extensive experience and connections we have made in a wide range of business environments we launched Jomsom Staffing services in January 2008.



Jomsom Support

People are the focus of Jomsom Staffing Services. We are committed to finding the best people when companies need them, and we go the extra mile to ensure candidate compatibility to guarantee client satisfaction. We feel the same way about our franchisees. We find the best franchisee and then provide the tools, support, and advice to help them grow. We are fanatical about maintaining brand standards and creating a collaborative environment to ensure an amazing business experience.

Comprehensive Training: Detail-oriented training focuses on all aspects of franchise operation including proper procedures, customer service, marketing, improving efficiency, and business expansion.

Dedicated On-Going Support: We truly care about your success in our program, and we are fully committed to being there for you, offering continuing help and assistance through each challenging new step. We will also guide you on how to increase the range of your marketing to help capitalize on profits and persistently enlarge your customer base.


Finding the right opportunity could be at your fingertips.

A Jomsom Staffing franchise offers the systems, procedures and ongoing support necessary to give you the best opportunity for success. Jomsom Staffing is committed to bringing the same great reputation to a wider audience through franchising.

Here’s what makes a Jomsom Staffing franchise a unique opportunity:

- Recession-Resistant Business Model
- Low Initial Investment
- Access to state-of-the-art Technology Systems
- Ongoing Support
- National Accounts
- Established Systems & Procedures
- Attractive Fully Protected Territories
- Scalable/ Growth Opportunities
- A lot more …



Become part of the JOMSOM Staffing family and take advantage of all of the above and much more!


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