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$100,000 Capital Required

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Interested in the pet industry, but not sure it's the right market for you? Wag N' Wash offers a proven business opportunity in the resilient, yet rapidly growing pet care industry. Our four revenue streams take advantage of a huge segment of the pet market, and include a retail center that offers high quality food and toys, a bakery that offers human-grade treats, a self-service wash with our own line of shampoos, and a professional grooming service.

6 Reasons You Can't Go Wrong

  1. It's recession proof. The pet industry seems to defy all odds during recessions and has been very little affected by economic crisis so far. Wag N' Wash is particularly protected because of our multiple revenue streams and our high brand loyalty.
  2. It's predictable. Google Trends traffic shows that the pet industry has peaks in December but maintains a steady level of base demand throughout the year. Wag N' Wash stores have seen stable returns, with revenues growing at 7% annually for stores open two or more years.
  3. It's straightforward. Innovative products and services often require large sums of money to educate the customer, but pet owners already know that health, training and the entertainment of their furry family members is important. Wag N' Wash provides highly professional training to all your team members to ensure that they can assist customers in making purchasing decisions.
  4. Great margins. Dog and cat food margins are mostly around 50%, and chewing toys and have 70% margins. Designer collars, luxury clothes and other high-end accessories for dogs also have great margins. Wag N' Wash offers a full range of retail, food, toy and bedding products to capture the entire range of purchases.
  5. Growing market. The total US pet industry expenditures reached over $66 billion in 2016. By 2020, the US pet industry is expected to reach $96 billion in sales, according to Packaged Facts, a leading market research firm.
  6. They're just so darn cute. No explanation necessary! One of the best things about owning a Wag N' Wash is being able to bring your companion to work with you every day, and the next best thing is meeting all your furry customers.

How much can I make?

Wag N' Wash has seen positive increases in revenues and rapid expansion over the last several years. Stores are averaging annual sales of $1.4M, and 62% of our Franchise Owners have met or surpassed that average. As you go through our Education Process, you'll have the opportunity to speak with our Franchise Development Director and look through our Franchise Development Document (FDD).


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